unitop Pension is the software with one database for all your tasks

From asset accounting and pension receipt notification through to payment-agency notification procedures

unitop NPO Pension is an integrated software that seamlessly covers your requirements. It ensures that there is a perfect synthesis of all processes and that internal and external communication works properly. It stands out thanks to a scope of services that is more extensive than with any comparable solution. The following excerpt will give you an overview of our software:

Membership management

The membership management function provides you with support in all stages of work relating to the member or beneficiary and pension recipient. The software solution enables an integrated approach - from the application when accepting a new member, contribution and benefit management and pension rights adjustment through to all statutory forms of retirement, such as reconciliation, death or a lump-sum payment. The integrated document management function also provides a full membership history. All relevant documents, such as correspondence, e-mails or documents from Microsoft Office products, can be assigned to a member or process. Approvals, such as to accept a member or change master data, as well as payments can be mapped via workflows. A large number of functions from the CRM module of Microsoft Dynamics NAV are available to manage your members and any other contacts, such as pension institutions, financial authorities, employers, etc. For example, in addition to all the necessary master data, you can also manage your activities through the task management function. You can see all relevant data at a glance through the cockpit function to determine an individual's entitlement to benefits.

As all member, contribution and booking information is stored centrally in the system, you benefit from making quick and easy contribution and pension calculations. Automatic pension simulations improve your ability to provide information to your members. A variety of evaluation options offers you the use of a business intelligence system and provides you with the necessary information.

Imprest register procedure

The software solution also offers you an integrated approach for the electronic exchange of data with the statutory health insurance schemes of your beneficiaries. The payment-agency notification-procedures function is a component mapped in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and certified by the ITSG for implementing payment-agency notification procedures and is used successfully in many cases. The system takes care of the complete electronic exchange of data with the statutory health-insurance schemes and automatically determines the contributions for the health insurance and nursing-care insurance, so that the relevant notifications are encrypted when sent to the ITSG communications server and that notifications from ITSG are received in the same way. As the component is fully displayed in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, there is no need for any import and export interfaces to third-party software systems. You therefore continue to work in an environment that is familiar to you.


Our software solution uses the DASBV component that is in turn integrated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV to map the employer notification procedures through the DASBV, the German organisation providing a data service for professional pension schemes. This function offers you diverse integrated functionality, from the import and processing of DCTA (Data Collection and Transmission Act) notifications, the registration and de-registration of employment and the setup of employers with the automatic creation of contribution lines through to the automatic adjustment of the reported income.

Pension receipt notification

The pension-receipt-notification procedure is mapped through an integrated component in our software solution. You do not need to leave your familiar programming environment to make an electronic transfer of payment receipt notifications to the German Central Agency for Retirement Provision (ZfA). This area is also fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV so that no interfaces to other external programs are required. There are convenient and automatic functions available to you, such as automatic enquiry procedures, the transmission of relevant master data (identification number, name, date of birth, value of annuities, annual sum, adjustment amount contained therein, etc.), electronic enquiries for identification numbers for pension recipients and active members, the acceptance of returned numbers into the master records as well as the automatic import of responses from the Central Agency for Retirement Provision (ZfA) into Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Financial accounting

The financial accounting function in Microsoft Dynamics NAV supports you with all internal and external accounting tasks.

The general ledger accounting function allows you to manage several financial customers. You can consolidate customers and exchange documents electronically between customers. The system also supports you with the preparation of the electronic balance sheet. In addition to general ledger accounting, you can also manage accounts payable and accounts receivable transactions and process payment transactions. SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) requirements are fully satisfied. Budget management, a cash forecast as well as comprehensive financial reporting round off the scope in this area.

The financial accounting is certified and complies with the principles of proper financial accounting. We will be happy to provide you with a copy of the certificate.

Cost accounting

Microsoft Dynamics NAV not only offers you cost-centre and cost-unit accounting but also a financial controlling tool that you can use to evaluate any number of dimensions (e.g. the costcentre, cost unit, region, campaign, etc.). The individual dimensions can be combined with each other and arranged hierarchically so that they meet your cost accounting requirements. You can also budget in every dimension - for convenient planning of your budget.

Fixed assets

The fixed asset function enables you to professionally manage your tangible and intangible assets, taking into account the requirements of commercial and fiscal law. You can see the entire life of an asset at the touch of a button - whether it's acquisitions, appreciations, depreciations or special depreciations. You can calculate acquisitions by simulating different scenarios using planned assets. The fixed assets function therefore also acts as a basis for property and portfolio management in our concept.

Document management (DMS)

With unitop Pension you get a complete and professional document management system. It reduces your employees' search and handling times by using document management for the transaction-based and contact-related storage of incoming and outgoing correspondence, such as incoming mail or e-mails.

In addition, the system supports document versioning so that you always work on the current version, especially when creating complex documents, such as agreements. You can also store documents that cannot be changed.


Workflow control supports all work routines in which several employees are involved - for example, making an application for a pension or changing master data in a contact, such as the account number or date of birth. This ensures that the defined tasks are completed on schedule in the correct order; your employees automatically receive notification. Workflow control provides valuable services, especially for time-critical processes or approval procedures, such as the internal control system (ICS), and meets the requirements of your auditors.

We support you with the IT infrastructure and the IT project management

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