Increase the efficiency and transparency of your organisation - with unitop NPO Fundraising

You can handle all your tasks with one database in our software - with certified financial accounting included

Our unitop NPO Fundraising industry solution is aimed at charitable organisations and foundations. unitop NPO Fundraising supports you with professional planning and implementing of your campaigns as well as measuring their success. The payment analysis function ensures that all your donations are processed automatically and assigned to the donor, campaign code and the purpose of the donation. The donations management function assists you with thanking donors and acknowledging donations as well as with managing donations from events. Invest your time in professional fines and inheritance marketing and process your fine cases and inheritances easily through the system. In addition to industry-specific functions, our software solution of course also offers you the option to integrate your complete financial management (financial accounting, asset accounting, cost accounting, payment transactions), your enterprise resource planning (ERP) as well as your document management. The software certificate for the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV software provides the necessary security to satisfy your auditor.

Stable operation

unitop NPO Fundraising software is so well-engineered that it reflects the processes in your industry in standard functions like no other fundraising software. This high level of standardisation accelerates the implementation and supports a stable continuous operation, easy updating and maintenance and low-cost cloud hosting. It goes without saying that unitop NPO can easily be adapted to your individual requirements if desired.

Convenient to use

With unitop NPO Fundraising you enjoy the convenience and transparency of an all-in-one business solution, allowing you to easily use all Microsoft applications in the unitop interface. External programs can be easily connected via web services.

Data access worldwide

As you conduct your day-to-day business completely from the unitop NPO Fundraising software, you and your employees always have access to all relevant data and data sources in your business - anywhere in the world and with any device. Interfaces and sources of error disappear, thus creating transparency: You save time and money.

Individual interface design

The more focused the information available to you, the more successful the measures based on it. We use the so-called role personalisation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to improve your productivity and decision-making and further simplify the use of unitop NPO Fundraising donations management software. This ensures that you only see the information that you actually need in your day-to-day business in the interface of your fundraising software. It looks familiar and is easy thanks to the look and feel of Microsoft.

We support you with the IT infrastructure and the IT project management

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