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From address management to events management

unitop NPO Chamber is an integrated software that seamlessly covers your requirements. It ensures that there is a perfect synthesis of all processes and that internal and external communication works properly. It stands out thanks to a scope of services that is more extensive than with any comparable solution. The following excerpt will give you an overview of our software:

Address management

As a chamber or similar organisation you have to deal with a large number of addresses - from your members and public institutions, such as hospitals, universities or courts, through to classic organisations. However, no matter how complex the relationship is between these contacts or how extensive the possible addresses may be, the address management function provides an overview and brings clarity to your contacts.

Store any number of addresses for each contact and specify the preferred address for correspondence. Link multiple contacts and specify in which functions the contacts are related. Plan your activities through task management and arrange reminders of important dates and deadlines through internal system workflows.

You will find any contact immediately with the phonetic search regardless of the size of your address database. You can maintain all contact data clearly and easily on the contact card. You can see at a glance through the cockpit function if you are dealing with a member, seminar participant or committee member, for instance.

It goes without saying that Microsoft Office products are integrated so that you do not have to make any compromises here.

Membership management

Whether it's medical chambers, chambers of architects or chambers of tax consultants: membership management is a key area of work in every chamber. Store the individual fee scales in your system according to your statute and fee schedule and assign them to your members. The membership management function supports you here with a user-friendly interface and many automatic processes for the invoicing of your contributions. The system informs you if individual contributions are not paid and offers you the opportunity to send a reminder about the contributions.

The support of your chamber members is naturally of primary importance in addition to the invoicing. You always have access to all relevant information through the members' cockpit. See at a glance all the new members, your total number of members as well as upcoming honours and birthdays. 

Event management

As a chamber you inevitably have to deal with the subject of training and continuing education. However, the events management function will support you no matter how varied your seminars and events may be.

First of all, make a rough plan of your event to get an initial overview. Event-specific checklists help you to think of everything, even when things get hectic. Making a corresponding calculation is naturally also part of planning an event. Budget all income and expense items and let the system calculate the break-even point of your event.

In addition to participants and speakers, you can obviously also store rooms and resources, such as projectors or catering.

If a participant cannot attend an event, you have access to convenient rebooking and cancellation functions to quick process the information.

In addition, use the events management function to create all the correspondence for your participants and lecturers - from the confirmation of registration and list of participants through to creating invoices and certificates/records. 

Committee management

Bodies, committees and working groups exist in all chambers and must be managed accordingly. Record your various committees and bodies with the committee management function and store the corresponding participants with their functions. By recording participants' starting and leaving dates you always have an overview of who is currently involved in the committee and what their role is. At the same time however, you can also see the participants who were involved in this committee in the past.

You can prepare correspondence directly from the committee, either to individual participants or directly to multiple participants. The correspondence is not only stored in the committee, but also against each participant in the address management module.

You can also record meetings for each committee. For each meeting you can naturally record all participants or representatives sent by them in addition to the meeting date, meeting venue and agenda.

If you pay the participants of the meeting any travel or expense allowances, you can authorise the payment of these directly from the respective meeting overview. These are automatically included in the next payment run through the integrated financial accounting function.

Financial management

The financial management function in Microsoft Dynamics NAV supports you with all internal and external accounting tasks.

The general ledger accounting function allows you to manage several financial customers so that you can clearly separate the operations of the chambers and commercial business as well as any other customers from each other. You can consolidate customers and exchange documents electronically between customers - for example, if the commercial business charges the chamber for a service. The system also supports your advance turnover tax return and electronic balance sheet.

In addition to general ledger accounting, you can also manage accounts payable and accounts receivable transactions and process payment transactions. SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) requirements are fully satisfied. Budget management, a cash forecast as well as comprehensive financial reporting round off the scope in this area.

The financial management is certified and complies with the principles of proper financial accounting. We will be happy to provide you with a copy of the certificate. 

Cost accounting

Microsoft Dynamics NAV not only offers you cost-centre and cost-unit accounting but also a financial controlling tool that you can use to evaluate any number of dimensions (e.g. the cost centre, cost unit, region, campaign, etc.). The individual dimensions can be combined with each other and arranged hierarchically so that they meet your cost accounting requirements. You can also budget in every dimension - for convenient planning of your budget.

Fixed assets

The fixed asset function enables you to professionally manage your tangible and intangible assets, taking into account the requirements of commercial and fiscal law. You can see the entire life of an asset at the touch of a button - whether it's acquisitions, appreciations, depreciations or special depreciations. You can calculate acquisitions by simulating different scenarios using planned assets.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

No matter whether you manage a few items in your office or have multiple warehouses: the enterprise resource planning (ERP) function in Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides you with professional support.

Store supplier-related purchase prices and sales prices for your items by customer groups (e.g. members). The system supports you with order proposals based on minimum quantities so that you always have the right number of items in stock. You enter orders manually - or automatically via an interface, for example, from your online shop.

When you have picked an order, Microsoft Dynamics NAV supports you with the shipping so that your members receive the goods that they have ordered as quickly as possible. Should you receive a complaint, you can handle this easily through the system.

Document management (DMS)

With unitop NPO Chamber you get a complete and professional document management system. It reduces your employees' search and handling times by using document management for the transaction-based and contact-related storage of incoming and outgoing correspondence, such as incoming mail or e-mails.

In addition, the system supports document versioning so that you always work on the current version, especially when creating complex documents, such as agreements. You can also make stored documents unchangeable.


Workflow control supports all work routines in which several employees are involved - for example,  checking incoming invoices or creating and signing of certificates of attendance. This ensures that the defined tasks are completed on schedule in the correct order; your employees automatically receive notification. Workflow control provides valuable services, especially for time-critical processes or approval procedures.

We support you with the IT infrastructure and the IT project management

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