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From the item cockpit to central processing

unitop ERP Technical Wholesale is an all-in-one business solution that fully covers industry-specific requirements - tailored to the needs of your small or medium-sized business. It ensures that there is a perfect synthesis of all business processes across all sites, businesses and countries and that internal and external communication works properly. It is based on a scope of services that is more extensive than with any comparable solution. See the excerpt below:

Item cockpit

You have quick and easy access to all relevant information for an item in the item cockpit - this includes offers, orders, purchase orders, scheduling data, item references and much more. You would like to visualise your items with photos? You can do this easily using the drag & drop function.

Feature lines

Do you manage similar items with different product features? Then the features of unitop ERP Technical Wholesale will help you with your maintenance and searches. The storage of features in the software for the wholesale trade is not limited, e.g. dimensions, shapes, performance data, materials, electrical, physical and chemical properties.

Metal prices and alloy surcharges

Fair prices are a factor of your business success. As the market price for metals and alloys fluctuates virtually every day, you can define up-to-the-minute prices in the software for the wholesale trade, which are then included automatically in your prices.

Job control and planning table

With the control console in unitop ERP Technical Wholesale you can allocate available stock to open orders or specifically cancel outstanding balances. The availability of individual orders including positions is clearly mapped in your software for the wholesale trade using a traffic light system. Orders can be released manually or automatically via a delivery proposal.

Campaign and advertising media management

It is quick and easy to create a campaign. In general, these are seasonal promotions that can be controlled via the software. The user can decide separately which items are to be used for each individual campaign. The contacts are selected based on freely definable criteria. In addition, you can define which items are valid for each campaign. Prices and discounts per item and campaign can be defined separately in your software for the wholesale trade.

Catalog shipping

The shipping of catalogues is organised quickly and easily in unitop ERP Technical Wholesale via so-called segments. Your software for the wholesale trade logs both the customers and the items included in the catalogue as well as the percentage placement. This data is available to measure the success of the campaigns at a later date.

Substitute or cross-selling items

unitop ERP Technical Wholesale proposes alternatives to the user when selecting items. If the item is a discontinued item, this is automatically replaced or replacement items are proposed, if desired. In addition, cross-selling items are identified by your software for the wholesale trade based on historical sales and stored with the item.

Change logging

unitop ERP Technical Wholesale stores all the changes requested by the user and ensures that they are immediately comprehensible in the record: it saves the original value of the modified data field as well as the date of the change and the name of the operator in the software for the wholesale trade. A large number of our customers use it to document the processing of master data relating to items, customers and suppliers but also for sales and purchasing documents, etc.

Interfaces for online shops

Web shops and online marketplaces can be connected via standard interfaces or operated directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You can maintain the entire setup and logic of a web shop and online marketplace in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Our customers already use standard interfaces for the following web shops and marketplaces:

  • Webshops (Magento, Intershop, xt:commerce, Shopware and many more)
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Independent online shops, integrated into unitop ERP Technical Wholesale

The software for the wholesale trade also supports the connection to payment providers, such as PayPal, Saferpay, Wirecard, etc.

Warehouse management system (WMS) / warehouse management software

All standard processes in your business are processed via the warehouse management system (WMS) in your software for the wholesale trade: from goods receipt, warehousing and picking through to goods issue. The WMS supplements the scope of services in the warehouse domain with important functions. It offers an almost unlimited database to enhance all processes within a warehouse.

Modern warehouse technologies

Optimise your warehouse with software for the wholesale trade. With ERP Technical Wholesale you can use state-of-the-art technologies, for example, to support picking, warehousing, the relocation of items or your stock, thus keeping processes transparent and your goods flowing smoothly. We use the following technologies today:

  • Truck guidance systems
  • Mobile data acquisition systems
  • Pick by Voice
  • Pick/Put by Light
Interface for ATLAS

Just a few clicks of the mouse provide clarity in terms of customs regulations as you submit export applications electronically to the customs authorities with this module. You receive an immediate response regarding export approvals or rejections thanks to the online connection to your mail order software.

Logistic provider connections

Display almost all well-known delivery agents integrated in Microsoft Dynamics NAV with the certified shipping solution in your mail shipping software.

EDI – Connection of business partners

Exchange data with your business partners in EDIFACT format. The exchange of data is based on international standards customary in the industry. You can assign a new business partner yourself and therefore connect virtually any conceivable partner in this way.


Workflow makes your work routines more efficient - from the checking of incoming invoices and complaints through to the maintenance of item master data. You can always be sure that the defined tasks are completed on schedule in the correct order. Your employees automatically receive notification from your software for the wholesale trade. Workflow provides valuable services, especially for time-critical processes or approval procedures.

Document management (DMS)

Substantially reduce your employees' search times by using document management in your software for the wholesale trade for the transaction-based storage of internal and external documents, such as E-mails, incoming mail, complaint documents, drawing or even order information. You can also, for example, provide information quickly and systematically in the event of any queries.

We support you with the IT infrastructure and the IT project management

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