unitop ERP Plastics Processing provides functions that offer you optimum support in your day-to-day business

From the item cockpit to the management of drawings

unitop ERP Plastics Processing is an all-in-one business solution that fully covers industry-specific requirements - tailored to the needs of your small or medium-sized business. It ensures that there is a perfect synthesis of all business processes across all sites, businesses and countries and that internal and external communication works properly. It is based on a scope of services that is more extensive than with any comparable solution. See the excerpt below:

Item cockpit

You have quick and easy access to all information for an item in the item cockpit of unitop ERP Plastics Processing - this includes BOMs (bills of material), work schedules, sales or production orders, item features, drawings and many others. You would like to visualise your items with photos? You can do this easily using the drag & drop function.

Item pricing

If an item is requested for the first time, you can generate a cost calculation item using the item cost calculation in unitop ERP Plastics Processing based on the costs for the raw materials, components, purchased items, internal and external workflows as well as freely definable parameters. This can also be geared towards the size of the batches. If the customer requests a cost calculation item then the data stored in the item master, BOM and work schedule are applied.

Batch / serial number management

Quality management and the traceability of items in a convenient manner! With unitop ERP Plastics Processing you can seamlessly track all movements of an item using batch or serial numbers - from goods receipt and production through to goods issue. A valuable tool - especially in plastics processing.

Document management (DMS)

Substantially reduce your employees' search times by using document management in unitop ERP Plastics Processing for the transaction-based storage of internal and external documents, such as e-mails, incoming mail, production documents, CAD drawings or even order and project folders. You can also, for example, provide information quickly and systematically in the event of any queries.

Flexible reporting

unitop ERP Plastics Processing accesses a central database: providing the best conditions for your reporting and hundreds of standard reports for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. In addition, you can display your evaluations in Excel at the touch of a button - or even subscribe to SQL Reporting. If you would like to integrate data from external sources into your evaluations, then opt for Business Intelligence. With this spectrum of services unitop ensures that every employee has a demand-orientated reporting tool.

Capture of production data and product costing analysis

You need accurate data to be able to make prompt post cost calculations - including consumption, waste, start, intermediate results or end of the item production. Up-to-date shift data that your employees provide using feedback terminals to read the bar-coded production documents; time-consuming manual entries at a later stage are therefore eliminated with unitop ERP Plastics Processing.

Extended workbench

Material and work that are depicted in the BOM or work schedule flow into your production. unitop ERP Plastics Processing offers you the option to define the external processing position in the work schedule and record a supplier. If this process is up-to-date, this triggers an order for external processing, thus recording all relevant data: from the movement of goods through to the additional cost. This ensures that you benefit from maximum transparency in all aspects of the external processing as part of your production and allows you optimum monitoring and control of orders, incoming invoices, incoming and outgoing goods, stock movements, dates, etc.

Graphical planning table

The graphical planning table in your software visualises your production planning and makes this clear and transparent. It shows the capacities of the work groups and workstations managed in the company calendar as well as production orders that are already allocated.

Component availability

With production planning you need to be able to recognise quickly and easily whether there are sufficient quantities of the necessary components. You have everything at a glance in component availability in unitop ERP Plastics Processing with the aid of the traffic light system: the green traffic light indicates that there are sufficient quantities of all components. The amber traffic light indicates that at least one component needs to be purchased. Now you need to decide whether you start production if the component is only needed towards the end of the production process. The red traffic light indicates that none of the necessary components are available.

Contact cockpit

You have all information about prospective customers, customers and suppliers at a glance on one screen in the contact cockpit - from contact details, completed tasks, open offers, phone messages and visit reports through to unpaid invoices.

Warehouse logistics

A high level of delivery reliability, short lead times and optimum stocks are the success factors of internal logistics and distribution. The warehouse logistics function in unitop ERP Plastics Processing is also extensive: every warehouse and the products stored in it are different. You can individually optimise your material planning with parameters, such as minimum/maximum stock, safety stock and order quantity. Organisational warehouse issues, such as consignment stock, can also be easily depicted in the software for the plastics industry. The integrated delivery service providers and freight forwarders as well as the ATLAS customs software ensure that your shipments are always processed efficiently.

Material specification

Semi-finished products, such as sheets, rods, pipes or coils are not only identified by their quality, but also by their dimensions, such as their width, thickness or diameter. You can manage these individually in the material specification - without having to create a new item each time. The same applies to parallel units, such as weight, unit, area, etc.

Mobile data entry (MDE)

Secure mobile data acquisition with MDE devices is an integral part of our warehouse management - even for large areas. All data is available in real time and can be checked for accuracy and processed immediately using unitop ERP Plastics Processing. You benefit from better data quality and considerable time savings through the elimination of paper documents.

Time attendance recording

You can record the working hours of your employees with the time attendance recording in your plastics processing software. There may also be good reasons to only permit access to certain areas of the business. The personnel time attendance logging makes this all possible - using chips or ID cards that are read at the entry and exit areas of your business.

Quality management

Quality control is integrated into the production, warehousing, batch traceability and complaints management functions of unitop ERP Plastics Processing. Items that must undergo quality assurance are already recorded at goods receipt and inspected and only shown in stock as available for production if they have successfully passed the inspection. Intermediate inspections may also be defined during individual internal or external production steps to ensure consistent production quality. The same applies to a final inspection, which ensures that only impeccable products leave your company.

Residual lengths management

This module ensures that the dimensions of residual material returned to stock is registered in the material master and assigned to the relevant item. The result is highly transparent stock: your warehouse and sales employees can see at a glance at all times which dimensions of a specific material are available.

Product configurator

As a plastics fabricator with a large number of variants, this module supports you with the pricing and creation of new sales variants including master data, such as texts, BOMs and work schedules. These variants are created using a freely configurable set of rules. The prices and variants created in this way even enable employees without extensive product knowledge to prepare offers and provide technical consulting to customers over the phone.

Tool management

You can use this module to manage the purchase and operation of your tools. It shows you the respective meter readings, clock cycles or impressions - and therefore when tool inspections are due. You can also block faulty or defective tools and remove them from production. It is therefore possible to guarantee the quality of your tools and production and possibly even improve it with unitop ERP Plastics Processing.


IT-supported workflow makes your work routines more efficient, especially wherever several employees are involved - from the checking of incoming invoices and complaints through to the maintenance of item master data. You can always be sure that the defined tasks are completed on schedule in the correct order. Your employees automatically receive notification. Workflow in unitop ERP Plastics Processing provides valuable services, especially for time-critical processes or approval procedures.

CAD drawing management

What does an item look like? What are its dimensions? How is it constructed? In order to answer these questions quickly and easily, you can use drawing management in unitop ERP Plastics Processing to store CAD drawings of purchased and manufactured items quickly and easily in the corresponding item master.

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