Substantially reduce your competitive pressure - with unitop ERP Metalworking

unitop ERP Metalworking increases the transparency, speed and quality of your processes in the long term

As a small or medium-sized metalworking business you have competitors all around the world. As a result you not only experience the high cost pressures, but are also confronted with the high demands with regard to quality, flexibility and delivery reliability. unitop ERP Metalworking substantially increases the transparency, speed and quality of your processes - thus increasing your competitiveness. This applies to manufacturers of mass-produced and custom-made products and multiple product variants as well as machinery, appliance and equipment manufacturers and also contract manufacturers and subcontractors.

unitop Metalworking is an innovative and functional business solution providing maximum investment security and future security: it is continuously being further developed by Microsoft and GOB and is also available internationally. unitop ERP Metalworking is suitable for virtually any size of business thanks to its scalable design, different levels of planning and production as well as its local and international versions. 

Stable operation

unitop is so well-engineered that it reflects the processes in your industry in standard functions like no other ERP software. This high level of standardisation accelerates the implementation and supports a stable continuous operation, easy updating and maintenance and also low-cost Cloud hosting if needed. It goes without saying that unitop ERP Metalworking can easily be adapted to your individual requirements if desired.

Convenient to use

With unitop ERP Metalworking you enjoy the convenience and transparency of an all-in-one business solution, allowing you to easily use all Microsoft applications in the unitop interface. External programs can be easily connected via web services with this software for the metalworking industry.

Data access worldwide

As you conduct your day-to-day business completely from unitop ERP Metalworking, you and your employees always have access to all relevant data and data sources in your business - anywhere in the world and with any device. Interfaces and sources of error disappear, thus creating transparency: You save time and money.

Individual interface design

The more focused the information available to you, the more successful the measures based on it. We use the so-called role personalisation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to improve your productivity and decision-making and further simplify the use of unitop ERP Metalworking. This ensures that you only see the information that you actually need in your day-to-day business in your interface. It looks familiar and is easy to use thanks to the look and feel of Microsoft.

We support you with the IT infrastructure and the IT project management

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