Microsoft SharePoint

E-mails keep flooding in, the information you get is chaotic or your data is not up to date. You need to constantly coordinate with your colleagues and to provide current company data – a lot of companies face these challenges in their everyday business.

Microsoft SharePoint can solve all these day-to-day problems. Microsoft SharePoint is a platform engineered for collaboration and exchanging information throughout the company. Its greatest strength lies in the flexible possibilities for storing structured data and for securing the data. Great emphasis must be put on the diverse possibilities of version control. The SharePoint server lets you work on your files while maintaining the possibility to always return to the starting point. Other assets of Microsoft SharePoint are the powerful search engine and the possibility to add meta data (additional keywords) to almost everything. These tools are necessary to easily track down the information provided. The Microsoft SharePoint server offers a range of building blocks that can be combined in a way that is most useful for the task at hand.



Integration Microsoft SharePoint - Microsoft Dynamics BC_NAV

Integration NAV/BC

Integration BC/NAV

Access information in real time, consolidate your data and connect your documents with the matching business processes. You can achieve all this through the integration of Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics BC/NAV.

Extranet - Microsoft SharePoint



You want to work closer with external partners and exchange information? Microsoft SharePoint is your portal for the secure exchange of information and data.

Intranet - Microsoft SharePoint



Provide your employees with a modern digital work environment. Send messages, use modern communication channels or share resources with your teams or the whole company.

Microsoft SharePoint Online - Office 365

Office 365

Office 365

Microsoft SharePoint is part of Office 365. This means that all features of Microsoft SharePoint are also available in the cloud.

Microsoft SharePoint
Integrierte Volltextsuche - Microsoft SharePoint



The integrated full-text search of Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful tool for the clear and specific search of all content. You keep track of all your files, lists and other content.

Dokumentenmanagement (DMS) - Microsoft SharePoint

Document management

Document management

Keep control of the information overflow. Use Microsoft SharePoint as an efficient DMS. Manage and edit your documents, use the document versioning and the intelligent template management.

Projektmanagement - Microsoft SharePoint

Project management

Project management

Our own IT project management unitop4sure is based completely on Microsoft SharePoint and is our knowledge and communication platform for the cooperation in the implementation of customer projects.

Individuelle Lösungen - Microsoft SharePoint

Individual solutions

Individual solutions

The flexibility of Microsoft SharePoint in connection with Microsoft Dynamics BC/NAV allows for numerous application scenarios. Learn more about our previous customer projects.

Our solutions

Do you have a company magazine that requires a lot of effort and information from your employees? Writing articles means finding information worth sharing, putting it into the right words and having the text ready at the deadline – a process causing a lot of manual effort. Information that was up to date and ready to publish might no longer be of interest at the time of publishing. Keeping everything up to date causes a large effort.

You are looking for a tool, e. g. a medium that collects and displays information clearly? An intranet – a “bulletin board” –where employees can share important intra-company information?

Or are you the managing director of a company and distribute all kinds of information through several channels to your employees? Do all of your employees who work on the same topic work with different versions of the same file?

Microsoft SharePoint is not only suitable for an internal exchange of information. It is also an excellent solution for extranet scenarios. The Microsoft SharePoint server has a flexible authorization system that offers the possibility to add user rights to all information. These user rights can have several levels and can be changed depending on the current situation. This way, you can store data that is only accessible internally in the same place as externally accessible data.

Integration in Office 365

The Microsoft SharePoint server corresponds perfectly with Microsoft Office products. Tasks, calendar entries or contacts can be exchanged between SharePoint and Outlook. All kinds of lists can be transferred to Microsoft Excel, e. g. to evaluate the existing data. Power BI can be integrated as well. The SharePoint server makes sharing information easy, e. g. passing files on to colleagues for editing. The file remains on the SharePoint server the whole time. Only a link to the file is actually sent. This feature, combined with the file versioning, makes it possible to work with only one centralized version of a file. Another possibility offered by SharePoint is the simultaneous editing of one file by several employees while recognizing conflicts and helping to solve them.

Microsoft SharePoint in the cloud

Microsoft SharePoint can be installed on premises or in the cloud as SharePoint Online. The on-premises version is run on the company’s server systems in the cloud or in the company’s data center. Administration is done by the operating company. SharePoint Online is supplied by Microsoft as part of Office 365. Supply and maintenance of the necessary operating environment is done by Microsoft.

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