Office 365 offers the right scope of services for every company and every individual requirement. For this purpose, Microsoft provides various plans that differ in terms of scope of services and price. Each plan includes a different number of products and functions.

One plan is assigned to each Office 365 user by the administrator. Which plan this is depends on the individual requirements of each user.

To explain: A distinction is made between the "Business" plan and the "Business" category. In the following, plans that belong to the "Business” category are referred to as "Business Plans" and plans that belong to the "Enterprise” category are referred to as "Enterprise Plans".

Business plans are designed for smaller companies (max. 300 users). Generally, they have a smaller range of functions than the enterprise plans – because these are aimed primarily at larger companies. Microsoft has no limits in terms of user numbers here.

The exact scope of services of the individual plans is shown in the following table. It should be noted that there are also different plans for special services (e. g. Exchange Online). You can find the individual scope of services on the individual product pages.

An alternative to the conventional plans is the kiosk plan Enterprise F1. The kiosk plan is limited in terms of functions and designed for employees who do not work directly and primarily with a computer. This includes, for instance, employees in production.

Non-profit organisations

Special Office 365 plans are available for non-profit organisations. These plans include the same functionality as Business and Enterprise plans but are available at a significantly lower price.

Not all plans are available to businesses and non-profit organisations. The Enterprise plans E1, E3 and E5 are also available to non-profit organisations. In addition, the Business Essentials Plan and the Business Premium Plan from the Business series are available at reduced conditions. However, plans that have not been developed specifically for non-profit organisations can also be purchased.

The Business Essentials Plan and the Enterprise E1 Plan are available free of charge to non-profit organisations.


As is usual for cloud products, Office 365 is billed per user and per month because each user is assigned a specific plan by the administrator. This way, the individual needs of a company and its employees can be met. Employee turnover and changing requirements no longer play a role because plans can be changed as needed. If an employee needs Plan 1 this month and Plan 2 the next month, this can be changed flexibly.

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